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Top Tips On Cleaning The Patio In Your Garden

Here are some useful tips on how to clean a dirty patio

Of you are proud of the garden at your home - have you taken a close look at your patio? Is it looking it’s best or does it look quite dirty and soiled?

Does the patio in your garden look to be covered with algae or moss? Has it ever had any masonry paint spilled on it?

If these sound familiar perhaps it’s time to give it a little bit of care and attention and give it a good clean!

Below we feature our top tips on how to clean a dirty patio


First, take a good look at the patio in your garden and determine just how bad or good it is. Identify any particular areas or spots that could do with a deep clean. Look out for areas that have algae, moss, or ingrained dirt - as these will need a little more time spent on them to get them looking their best.

Take a while in de-cluttering the whole area, move garden furniture, bbq’s, clothing airer’s, and other items out of the way. Try and make the whole area clear so you can move about it more easier.

Children’s playhouses and other items should be moved if possible too, you need a good area to carry out a thorough cleaning of your patio.  


By this we mean going over the whole patio area with a brush or broom - and a dustpan. Give the slabs, block paving, or bricks in your patio a really good sweep.

By doing this you will usually find you can then see exactly the whole picture of just how dirty your patio (or decking) really is. Make sure any surface dirt, soil, and any leaves are swept up and removed - you can then progress to the next step.

Using a hosepipe give the whole surface area of your patio a good spray and wash-down, this will rinse any remaining surface dust and dirt away.  

Safety Tips:

Here we are just going to go over a few safety tips before you then proceed to the main job in-hand of cleaning your patio…

You have several methods that you can use when tackling a dirty patio in your garden.

These are the cleaning of a patio by way of using an off the shelf patio cleaner detergent, the use of a stronger chemical based (aggressive) patio cleaner liquid, by going over the whole area with a pressure washer with a lance and its jet nozzle, or alternatively you could use a pressure washer in conjunction with a dedicated patio cleaner attachment.

These of course are all methods that are aimed at the home owner who is carrying out the job themselves.

You could also consider the option of paying a professional contractor or a local patio cleaning company to do the work for you.   

Patio Cleaning Methods:

Off the shelf cleaning detergents - these can be very effective providing the patio in your garden is not too dirty. In the UK there are many brands of this type of cleaning product that you can buy. A few to mention are those sold under the brand names of Pro-kleen, swarfega, and vax - you can also buy “own brand” patio cleaner detergents from popular UK shops such as B & Q and Wilko.

Heavy duty cleaning detergents can be purchased from a wide range of outlets from within all parts of the UK, so regardless of whether you live in Birmingham, Chesterfield, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, or possibly Sheffield in Yorkshire - you can rest assured that you won’t have to travel far to buy a powerful and heavy duty patio cleaner.

It’s probably worth mentioning at this stage that you can also buy patio cleaning products online, our website has some useful tips and information on where to go to buy the best products.

Pressure washers are commonly being used nowadays for the job of cleaning a patio, and if you have ever used one you are sure to know just how effective and thorough they can be. Popular brands and makes such as Alto, Bosch, and Karcher can all be used for this type of work - as well as the cleaning of outdoor garden furniture, children’s outdoor toys, barbeques, and much more.

Most pressure washers are supplied as standard with a “narrow width” jet nozzle, by this we mean the nozzle on the machines lance produces a very small width of spray whilst in use. This is typically no more than a few centimetres in size. Although this can be very effective at blasting dirt and grime off any hard surface area - it does mean that it will take you a long time to completely go over the whole patio (or decking) area within your garden.

Some manufacturers of jet washers also offer and sell dirt blaster nozzles along with heavy duty lances, these dirt blaster nozzles offer increased performance over a standard jet washers nozzle - but again restrict the workable cleaning area due to them providing a narrow sized spray area.

Pressure washers with patio cleaner attachments -  these are a relatively new product when we talk about patio cleaners, but once you have seen one in use you will see just how valuable they can be.

What is a patio cleaner attachment?

In simple terms it is an accessory that mounts onto a pressure washers lance in-place of it’s standard water jet nozzle. They resemble a shrouded enclosure that often looks a little like an upturned saucepan or a washing-up bowl.

Usually made of a robust plastic this accessory contains several working parts that make up the patio cleaner. Inside is often one or more high pressure revolving water jets, several brush’s, and maybe a caster or support roller.

This product is used by first mounting the accessory onto your jet washer, you then place the unit onto the patio and switch on your pressure washer as normal. The water jets within get to work on blasting the dirt and grime from your patio, and at the same time the units enclosure prevents water from spraying out everywhere. Whilst not as aggressive as a dirt-blaster nozzle, a patio cleaner attachment such as the popular Karcher T Racer model will literally save you hours of hard labour - perhaps giving you more time for you to spend in your garden having fun and relaxing!



Patio Cleaning Tips Some useful top tips on how to clean a patio
Clean your patio the easy way with our top tips
How to clean a patio


If you have read through our top tips on the best ways to clean your patio - we hope this article has been of interest and of use. Below is a summary of the main pointers that can help you…

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