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Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner

Clean Your Patio Or Decking Easily With The Use Of A Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner !

Providing great value for money and outstanding cleaning performance, the Karcher range of T Racer Patio Cleaners have been designed for the home user, commercial gardener, and professional landscaper in mind.

The Karcher T Racer is one of the most popular and useful accessories designed by Karcher for attachment to a wide range of their jet cold water high pressure washers!

Several versions are available to buy to suit different models and specifications of their high pressure cleaners. The T Racer has been designed for the fast cleaning of flat wooden, stone, and plastic surfaces without any splashback occurring.

The T200 and T400 T Racer’s utilise high pressure water that is applied through multiple nozzles that are enclosed in a shrouded attachment when held against a hard or flat surface area.

In particular this genuine Karcher attachment is effective at the deep cleaning of soiled areas when used on stone patios, plastic and wooden decking, concrete and pressed stone slabs, paths and driveways, as well as all other hard surface areas.  

Karcher T 200 T Racer

The T200 T Racer features two rotating jet nozzles for increased cleaning power. The design of this particular patio cleaner is simple yet effective. Unlike previous versions the Karcher T200 also features an additional handle for improved handling when used for surface cleaning of flat areas such as walls, fencing, and garage doors.

The T200 model is compatible with a large range of jet washer cleaners in the Karcher range.

Compatible Pressure Cleaners Include:

K2.14     K2.15     K2.16     K2.20     K2.29     K2.32     K2.36

K2.56     K2.59     K2.65     K3.15     K3.50     K3.55     K3.68

K3.80     K4.60     K5.55     K5.60     K5.68     K5.70     K3.54

Karcher T 300 T Racer

This powerful accessory is well known amongst existing Karcher owners for it’s high performance in the cleaning of patio areas in addition to concrete drives, paths, swimming pool surrounds, garage doors, outbuildings, sheds, summerhouses, and other flat surface areas around the home, garden,  and also in the workplace.

The Karcher T300 comprises of a tough moulding that houses two rotating nozzles that water propels out of under a high pressure. The nozzles in this particular T Racer can be adjusted to vary the height at which this unit hovers and also cleans.

This particular T Racer accessory is designed to be used with the following range of cold water power washers:

K2.14     K2.14WB     K2.15     K2.16     K2.20     K2.29

K2.32     K2.32M        K2.36     K2.56     K2.59     K2.65

K2.90     K2.91     K2.94     K3.15     K3.50     K3.50    

 K3.55     K3.550 Jubilee     K3.68MD Plus     K3.80MD

K4.600     K4.91MDB     K5.55M Deluxe     K5.600

K5.68MD     K5.700     K3.540     K7.10M

The Karcher T Racer fits most recent cold water jet pressure washers manufactured by Karcher. Offering great patio cleaning performance the T Racer is available from all UK Karcher agents including specialist tool hire shops, power tool retailers, motor factors, car accessories outlets, gardening centres, as well as unique shopping outlets such as Ideal World and QVC satellite shopping channels.

No matter where you reside in The UK you will find a Karcher Dealer locally including in the cities and surrounding areas of Bakewell, Batley, Bradford, Birmingham, Buxton, Castleford, Castleton, Castle Donnington, Derby, Dinnington, Doncaster, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull, Huddersfield, Leamington Spa, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Mansfield, Normanton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Preston, Reading, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Southampton, Ulverston, Wakefield, Wigan, and York.

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T200 T Racer

T300 T Racer

A top favourite with DIY customers who take pride in their decking and patio areas in the garden..
The great karcher T Racer takes some beating when compared with other methods of cleaning dirt, grime, and moss from landscaped areas and structures around the home…

Karcher T Racer