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Has your pressure washer broken down or developed a fault? Is it not working as good as it used too? Is the motor or pump on your pressure washer faulty? Or is your Karcher Pressure Washer just refusing to start-up and work?

If any of these is the case you will probably need the help and services of a local Karcher pressure repair agent in Manchester

As the UK brand leader for jet washers; Karcher have a strong UK network of agents, dealers, and service centres that can undertake all types of repair work as well essential maintenance and servicing on these products in Manchester.   

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Common Faults that can occur:

Whilst this brand of domestic and commercial specification pressure washers are built to a very high standard, as with all electrical and mechanical products, faults can occur. A fault can occur because of a breakdown or damage to a component or an assembly, or it could be because of natural wear and tear that happens over a period of time.

Below we list some of the common faults that can occur with a Karcher Pressure Washer.


Some problems and faults with a pressure washer can be determined and rectified by going over some troubleshooting steps. Below we have listed several that may help you get your Karcher Jet Washer working again:

Is the unit vibrating quite badly? If so check that there is a sufficient flow of water. Check that your water tap is fully turned on and that your connection hose is not coiled / kinked, or twisted.

Does the unit cut out often or just after you have switched it on? If it does - are you using an extension cable or reel? Depending on the model of Karcher that you own you will need an extension cable that at a minimum is rated at 13amps, even the small K2, K3, and K4 models require an extension cable (if used) of 13a.

Is the pump leaking from within the units housing? If this happens, switch and unplug the unit from your main supply. A leaking pump is something that needs to be repaired by your Manchester Karcher Repair shop.

Is your pump hunting when on standby? This can be a sign of a blocked jet nozzle as well as a faulty non return valve. You can check your units nozzle by way of inserting a needle or a thin piece of fuse wire, if this does nor cure it the unit will need inspecting by an experienced repair fitter.

A leaking trigger unit - unless the handle and trigger unit have suffered some damage as a result of being dropped of heavily knocked, this is usually caused by way of a worn and leaking seal. This could be a seal that is fitted inside the handle unit or it could be the one that is fitted to the end of the connecting lance - the easiest way to check this is to replace both water seals for new ones.  

There are a number of repair agents in Manchester that can help you get your faulty or broken pressure washer working again, some repair just the cold water range of machines, others repair the complete model range including the karcher hot and cold water jet washers.

Below we feature a selection of local repair dealers

Karcher Repairs in Manchester:

Types of Karcher Pressure Washers:

Recognised for their pressure washers Worldwide - Karcher ™ manufacture and sell two distinct model ranges of this type of cleaning equipment.

For the home user they produce the great value for money range of jet washers that are classed as domestic use machines. These can be identified by way of them having the letter “k” as a prefix in their catalogue number. At the time of writing you can find models that bear the range codes of Karcher K2, K3, K4, K5, and K6. There are of course many others depending on the age of the pressure washer that you own.

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The second classification of machines that they produce are rated as their commercial machines. Their commercial jet washers are models that are aimed at the trade user and usually can be identified by them having the letters “HD” in their catalogue number. Karcher heavy duty pressure washers are the machines that you will see being used by car wash operatives, car valeting companies, and business users that use this product for heavy duty washing and the cleaning of all types of machinery and equipment.

Karcher Pressure Washer Repairs in Manchester Karcher Repairs in Manchester Repairs carried out to Karcher Pressure Washers in Manchester Repair agents for Karcher pressure washers in Manchester

AMB Services

2 Mayfair Drive, Irlam

Manchester M44 6NX

Telephone: 0161 6693588

J Barlow Servicing

492 Cheetham Street East

Salford, Manchester M7 4TW

Telephone: 0161 7924118

Mobile Repairs

Providing mobile repairs

throughout Lancashire

Telephone: 01942 740956

Karcher Centre STS

Chanters Industrial Estate

Atherton, Manchester M469SD

Telephone: 01942 876770

As well as providing a useful repair and maintenance service for clients within the Manchester area of Lancashire - most of the featured companies offer the sale of replacement spare parts too.

Typical genuine Karcher parts that you may need to buy are replacement high pressure hoses, trigger assemblies, and lances, new nozzles, o-rings, inlet and outlet connections, cylinder heads and gasket seals, valve pistons, and more.

Karcher also manufacture and sell a range of spare part kits that include service assemblies to fit a wide range of their pressure washer cleaning machines.

Karcher Spare Parts:

Buy genuine karcher spare parts in Manchester

“It is recommended that you only fit genuine Karcher spare parts to their jet pressure washer machines”

Karcher Repairs in other areas:

Immaterial of where you reside or work in the UK, you will find there is a local service dealer that can help you with essential repairs to your Karcher Pressure Washer. Examples include agents that are in Aberdeen, Batley, Bradford, and Birmingham. The village town of Chesterfield. Derby, Doncaster, and Halifax, Liverpool and London, and Leeds, Rotherham, and Sheffield in Yorkshire. More areas