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The Karcher HDS601C is one of the most popular hot water pressure washers that you can buy for carrying out tough cleaning tasks in the workplace.

Whether you are a builder and need to clean up the site after construction work or are in the motor trade and use a pressure washer for valeting work, you will not go far wrong with the Karcher HDS601 model of jet washer.

The HDS 601C heavy duty pressure washer from Karcher is capable of regular tough cleaning work with its capability to wash by way of cold water, hot water, and steam.

In addition unlike some other brands of jet washers this model can deliver detergent at a high pressure to give a more powerful clean.

Karcher HDS601C Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Recognised by the traditional Karcher brand colours of Black and Yellow the Karcher HDS 601 is a unit that stands out amongst all other makes and models of pressure washers. Equally at home in a car, motorcycle, or van cleaning bay or in a builders yard, this hot water jet pressure washer is capable of carrying out high pressure cleaning tasks in a wide range of environments.

Some popular environments a pressure washer is used in:

* Aggregates site plant cleaning

* Auction sites

* Automobile cleaning

* Builders yards

* Building sites

* Campervan cleaning

* Caravan cleaning

* Coach cleaning

* Construction sites

* Factory environments

* Farm machinery cleaning

* Food processing plants

* House exterior cleaning

* Motorcycle garages


Hot water capability - yes

Steam capability - yes

Cold water use - yes

Fuel tank capacity - 16 litres

Weight - 84kg

Power rating - 3.2kw

Pressure - 140 bar maximum (variable)  

Water flow rate - 280 - 530 L/Hr (variable)

Coil design - upright mounted

High pressure hose - 10m length

Karcher HDS601C Pressure Washer

Karcher HDS601C Pressure Washer Cheapest Karcher HDS601C Pressure Washer Karcher HDS601C Jet Washer

Karcher HDS601C Jet Washer

More Information:

You can view more information on the Karcher HDS601C Pressure Washer - including applications, features and specifications, and much more.


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