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Patio Cleaning - ways to clean a dirty and soiled patio

Patio Cleaning Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner Accessory

How to easily clean a dirty patio using a Karcher T Racer patio cleaner accessory with your jet washer

Some top tips on cleaning a dirty patio

Dirty and soiled patios can be a real eyesore in your garden, and if everything else looks clean and tidy it is a shame not to give your patio a little attention…

Previously the job of cleaning a patio was something that was often put-off, mainly because of the hard work involved as well as the mess it could make.

How do people clean patios?

In years gone by it was common practice for home owners to carry out patio cleaning by use of either harsh chemicals or alternatively a pressure washer.

Both of these methods are still regularly used to this day…

Patio Cleaning Chemicals have to be used with care, but they can be very effective at what they do. Because the majority of them use one type of acid or another they must be treated carefully and kept out of reach of children and pets.

Chemical cleaners can also be harmful to the plants and lawned areas in your garden, if you wish to use such a product it is well worth looking for one that is classed as “safe to use”.

Patio Cleaning with a pressure washer is another option that you can use, but care has to be taken because of the high pressure used when the water is blasted out of the machines nozzle.

When using a pressure washer for patio cleaning you need to set aside a good few hours of time to get the job done - even if the patio in your garden is of a small size. That is because you will only be working on a very small area on your patio’s surface due to the spray size of a pressure washers nozzle.

When using a traditional lance with high pressure nozzle (on your jet washer) for carrying out the job of patio cleaning - expect for the water to be sprayed everywhere!

If you have grit, gravel, or sand around your patio area be aware that will get blown out too, especially from the gaps that around pressed concrete slabs, block paving, and patios that feature crazy paving.  

Is there an easier way to clean a patio?

Yes, consider the purchase of a Karcher T Racer

A Karcher T Racer is a revolutionary new accessory that has been designed for fitment to the Karcher range of pressure washers.

This handy attachment makes the job of cleaning patio’s as well as wooden decking - easier, faster, and without the usual mess…


Karcher T Racer is a patio cleaning accessory that fits most of the jet washers that carry the “K” product code reference number on the karcher model range of pressure washers. This includes popular models such as the K2, K4, K5, K6, K7, and many others.

This accessory can be described as being a shaped assembly that fits onto the end of your jet washers standard lance. Within the enclosure is a rotating jet nozzle that spins around at a high speed. Because this jet nozzle is contained within the units enclosure it prevents water being sprayed out everywhere as is the case if you use just a lance. A bonus is also that a larger surface area of the patio is cleaned due to the diameter size of the T Racers housing. In all the Karcher T Racer Patio Cleaner provides a cleaner working environment, saves time on the cleaning of decking, patio’s and other flat hard surface areas, and providing you use just water - is environmentally friendly too.

You can read more details on this Karcher Jet washer accessory here.